At ki, the experience is meant to be a series of sensations to be shared and lingered over, whether it’s a cozy meal for a few or a lively evening out. ki has been artfully designed for both social and intimate dining experiences.

The raised areas, surrounded by ponds overlooking Bay Street, are part of the energetic ambiance of the cocktail bar. At the sushi bar, our expert chefs work their magic, creating a dynamic and interactive dining experience where guests can savour either the sushi or the full menu. For a quiet, more intimate experience, our guests enjoy the dining areas around the sushi bar, surrounded by striking original art.

Our a la carte menu is spearheaded by Executive Chef Hing Wong and Chef Hiro Hasegawa and features our signature cold plates which utilize different searing and torching techniques, and unique seasonal ingredients to craft beautiful and savoury dishes that compliment our traditional sushi and hot plates.

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