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Small Batch Sake


Welcome!  This is an ever-evolving list of small, artisanal sakes that are hard to get.  This list encapsulates cult breweries, local jizake legends, and outstanding sakes, curated by Sake Samurai Michael Tremblay.  Kanpai!


Kobayashi Shuzo "Hououbiden" Phoenix Wine Cell Junmai Ginjo, Tochigi Prefecture  l   140  

Fukurokujyu Shuzo "Ippakusuisei" Premium Junmai Daiginjo, Akita Prefecture  l   150  

Kamikawa Taisetsu "Suisei" Tokubetsu Junmai, Hokkaido Prefecture  l   125

Niida Honke "Shizenshu"  Junmai Ginjo, Fukushima Prefecture  l   130    

Kiyasho Shuzo "Jikon"  Senbon Nishiki Junmai Ginjo, Mie Prefecture  l   125

Masumi "Origarami"  Pet-Nat Junmai Ginjo, Nagano Prefecture  l   110




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Our Official Reopen Date is Thursday, July 9th


We are excited to announce the reopening of ki for dine-in service on our extended patio!  Starting Thursday, July 9th, we will be welcoming you back and resuming the service and hospitality we are so passionate about.  We will have limited seating on our patio exclusively, with reservations required.  

Despite the challenging year, we are delighted that we get to greet you and offer up our signature dishes, sake and service! In addition to reopening our patio, we are excited to launch our new takeway program.  Stay tuned for more details! 

We ...

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The Ki Sake Flight Experience for Delivery


We are proud to announce the ki sake flight experiences, curated by Sake Sommelier and Sake Samurai Michael Tremblay, for enjoyment at home.  These experiences (see below) are designed for the sake beginner to the aficionado, and explore themes such as Japan's vivid geography, history, sake making ingredients and classifications.  The sakes come accompanied with information on each sake, a story about the brewery and the landscape surrounding the brewery.  The flight also includes a map to highlight the brewery locations to truly make you feel like you are traveling Japan through the amazing  sakes presented.  In addition, Michael ...

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Sherry + Sake Dinner at Ki

Cava and ki modern japanese + bar are thrilled to announce an intimate and unique sake and sherry pairing dinner.  Courses will be created by Chef Jeremy Saluma of Cava and Chef Hing Wong from ki.  The theme is a ‘tour of Japanese sake and Spanish sherry”, exploring the similarities and differences between the two beverages.   

The menu and pairing concept: pair sherry with Japanese flavours, and pair sake with Spanish cuisine.   Drawing from their extensive beverage lists and knowledge, the challenge is on for ki’s Sake Sommelier Michael Tremblay and Sommelier Kyle Burch of Cava to pair outside their ...

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Sake Master Dinner with Dewazakura Shuzo


ki is thrilled to announce an intimate sake dinner with Yamagata's Dewazakura sake brewery. Yamagata is the first and only prefecture to be awarded a Geographical Indication by the WTO, and the sake of Dewazakura portrays the typicity of the region. Sake pairings will include sake available in the Toronto market in addition to a special sake or two only available in Japan. Please join host Michael Tremblay, Ki’s certified Advanced Sake Professional for an unforgettable evening of exceptional sake paired with a special six course menu created by the chefs at ki.

WEDNESDAY, MAY 30 @6:30PM ...

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Gifu's Yamada Honten Sake Brewery

Now Featuring "Everlasting Roots" Tokubetsu Junmai at ki 

One of the recent additions to our ever-changing sake list is the “Everlasting Roots” Tokubetsu Junmai from Gifu’s Yamada Honten.  We are currently listing it on our Sake Sommelier page served up at a variety of temperatures so that you can fully enjoy all it has to offer.  In mid-February, I had the opportunity to make a brief stop at this tiny brewery located in the foothills of the Japanese Alps.   

 Three Generations of the Yamada family

Three generations of the Yamada Family


The tea room at the Yamada family's ancestral home overlooks the Kiso river ...

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Making Ki's Signature Japanese Vermouth

Making Ki's Signature Japanese Vermouth

Written by Michael Tremblay

While vermouth is a cocktail ingredient regularly used throughout the seasons, I find it truly comes into its own during the autumn and winter season, particularly red vermouth with its campfire-like warm aromas of herbs and spices.  There are many uses for this aromatic fortified wine, from providing key aromas and flavours in cocktails like the Manhattan, Boulevardier, Negroni and Martini to cooking up a whole host of pasta, chowders, desserts, and even compotes and jams.  Vermouth typically comes in white, dry or red (sweet) and are staples of any bar.   While it is typically comprised ...

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Back to (Sake) School

Sake Master Dinners and Sake Course Announced

 Yes, it’s still technically summer, but we at ki are already busy lining up an exciting autumn for our guests!  With three sake master dinners and hosting WSET’s Level 1 Award in Sake, there are several more reasons to come to ki this fall.



To commemorate Nihonshu no Hi (Sake Day), the first day of sake brewing in Japan.  Sake pairings will include sake from some of Japan’s most esteemed breweries from around Japan.  Please join host Michael Tremblay, Ki’s certified Advanced Sake Professional, for an unforgettable evening of ...

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Sake Master Dinner at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

Sake Master Dinner at Ki Modern Japanese + Bar

For the past 6 years, May in Toronto has proven to be a sake-laden month, as brewers and brewery representatives from Japan and North America visit to participate in Kampai Toronto - Festival of Sake, Canada's largest sake tasting featuring 160 sake.  

In celebration of Kampai Toronto, Ki is thrilled to announce an intimate sake dinner with the Presidents and Master Brewers from some of Japan’s most esteemed craft sake breweries, including Rihaku, Doi, Tensei and Kanbara breweries.  Please join John Gauntner, Sake Samurai and Author of The Sake Handbook, Monica Samuels, Sake Expert and National Sake Sales Director ...

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Sake and Sushi, Featuring Shichida Sake

Sake and Sushi, Featuring Shichida Sake

Several new sake are available at ki for a limited time.  Two of them, the Shichida Junmai and Junmai Ginjo, hail from the southern satellite island of Kyushu.  These sakes are incredibly versatile and are perfect with sushi, kushiyaki, tempura or any other dish from ki's extensive menu.

Saga Prefecture’s Tenzan Sake Brewery was established in 1875 by Toshiba Shichida on Japan’s southern island of Kyushu.   The brewery is owned by the Shichida family which originally founded a water mill near Mount Tenzan in the 1860’s and produced some of the best somen noodles in Japan ...

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